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5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Rooibos Daily

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Rooibos; the “superfood” of herbal teas.  Pronounced roy-boss, it is an herb that grows wild in South Africa. It is derived from the leaves of the red bush tree.

The consumption of Rooibos has significantly increased in North America over the last 10 years with the growth of the loose leaf tea industry, which I think is fantastic because it's so very healthy! I drink Rooibos for it's naturally calming effect.  And yes, I notice after one cup!

Here are my 5 top reasons why I think everyone should drink Rooibos.

1.  It's naturally caffeine free.  We as a society consume a lot of caffeine.  Caffeine itself is not bad for us but the quantities in which we consume it these days is very problematic and not good for our adrenal glands.  Our adrenal glands are already under enough stress and too many of us are walking around with elevated levels of cortisol. 

2.  It is very high in vitamins and minerals.  Minerals are essential to our well-being. If you are eating a balanced diet, then you should be getting enough minerals.  However, if you are not, you are most likely deficient in minerals. 

The minerals in Rooibos have a soothing effect on the central nervous system and often help treat mild anxiety, depression, headaches, irritability, allergies, indigestion and more.

3. Rooibos is known to reduce inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is a result of environment, poor diets, stress, poor sleep, medications, toxins in body products, make-up, household cleaners and so much more, which leads to many of the symptoms in number 2.  Improving our diets and lifestyle will ultimately result in us being healthier, feeling energized, calm, rested and happy and adding Rooibos to that lifestyle is a great addition.

4. Rooibos is great for your skin.  Rooibos will not only help with the aging process by drinking it daily, it's also excellent applied to the skin. Use it to wash your face or wipe your eyes with a cloth dipped in rooibos tea for tired, sore eyes.  Have itchy, dry, irritated skin? Wipe skin with cool rooibos to reduce irritation. 

5. It's great for kids!  It's naturally caffeine free, has a subtle natural sweetness and excellent hot or iced.  Kids love it.  I continuously recommend it to parents.  It also has a calming effect, which can be nice when it comes to the evening and getting them settled for bed time. Make it as a tea, a tea latte or an iced tea and add some organic juice or lemonade.  It's a great alternative to sugar and preservative filled juices and sodas.

There are many reasons to drink this "superfood" of herbs but these are my top 5.  

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