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Oolong Teas

Oolong – ‘Black Dragon’

Referred to as ‘semi-oxidized’.

A time-honoured tradition requiring craftsmanship. Oolongs are your in-between green and black teas, oxidized anywhere from 10% to 90%. Usually classified as light oolong (lightly oxidized) or dark oolong (more oxidized). So oolong is oxidized more than a green tea, but not fully, as in black tea.

An example of a lightly oxidized oolong is; Natural Milk Oolong (no milk involved!) and long oxidized oolong is: Wu Yi Rock.

Flavours of oolongs can vary tremendously depending on the length of oxidation, making this type of tea fun to explore. Flavours range from soft, floral, peachy notes, to fuller toasty nutty flavours. Oolongs are produced in China as well as Taiwan, which is famous for its light, fragrant oolong that is distinctly different with a sweet fresh perfumed liquor.  Read more...


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