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Herbal Teas, Flowers and Fruit

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Herbal teas are considered ‘tisanes’, and do not come from the Camelia Sinensis plant. These tisanes consist of either the herb itself, or a blend of herbs added to tea leaves.

More than 3000 herbs have been studied and catalogued, with properties that are known to be healing and supportive to our health. On this site you will find herbal teas and blends created with your health in mind.  You will also find blends which may include flowers and fruits used both esthetically and to flavour white, green, oolongs, black and rooibos teas.

Herbal teas and blends are not to be used to substitute a doctor’s prescription, but to support and compliment a healthy diet and lifestyle. Certain precautions should be taken if pregnant or lactating.

Herbs are safe, but do hold certain properties. The use of herbs at any time in pregnancy should be under the guidance of a regulated healthcare practitioner.

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